Companies that use my software and hardware

Omroep Hoeksche Waard

Radio Non-Stop


I have already made several APIs:

A now-playing and top 30 tracks api for Omroep Hoeksche Waard.

Weather API that allows viewing of the local weather.

And much more.


I have written a lot of pieces of software and apps:

TV Studio – A TV software for local and regional broadcasters.

OmroepHW Spotify API – An application that automatically puts the songs that are played in a Spotify playlist.

AlwaysRunning – An application for servers that ensures that all applications that need to run are always on.

And much more


I have also made several hardware:

A scene controller for TV Studio Live – Allows you to switch and control scenes for TV Studio Live (A modified version of OBS)

Movable Mirror for Projector – A self-programmable mirror that can move horizontally and vertically so you can move the output of a projector without having to move the heavy projector. This also includes software.

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Sem Bakkers

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